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  • Spares Electrical - S Drive - Mobility Scooters

The S Drive is Located in the End Piece of the Scooter close to the Gearbox and Motor of the Endura Split/Lite Scooter.

The S Drive is the Main Brain of the Scooter as it gives access and Power to the Control Unit,Gearbox,motor etc.

The S Drive is a Small Computer box mounted on the Frame of the Scooters 2nd Part(Motor and gearbox plus the Battery Box)To Gain Access the whole Back end cover of the Scooter has to be Removed.

The S Drive is also where the Software cable is plugged into to change settings of the Scooter.

It applies to the:

Endura Split 3 Wheel,

Endura Split 4 Wheel,

Endura Lite 3 Wheel,

Endura Lite 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters.

Endura Navigator Mobility Scooter

In some cases it can also be used as a Replacement part on Different Models.

It can Also be Used in the Endura Older HD/Navigator, And other Models

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Spares Electrical - S Drive - Mobility Scooters

  • Brand: Endura-SA
  • Product Code: Spares Electrical - S Drive - Mobility Scooters
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